Information for attending Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park.

Officially, Speakers’ Corner does not operate at any one time and so doesn’t have ‘opening hours’ as such. However, virtually all the activity happens on Sundays from approximately 11:00 until sunset.

The nearest tube station if Marble Arch.

A Map of Speakers' Corner.

A Map of Speakers’ Corner.

Speakers’ Corner is active throughout the year.

It is untrue that those at Speakers’ Corner have any sort of legal protection. At Speakers’ Corner one enjoys the same legal freedoms as anywhere else in the UK and you can be arrested for breaking the law, including use of ‘hate speech’ or inciting to violence.

As far as our research could establish, there are no rules regarding any of the following;

  • the audience must stand two feet from the speaker,
  • audience members shouldn’t interrupt the speaker,
  • use of megaphones.

If anybody does have a citation for these rules, do please get in touch.



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