This site is designed to be an impartial guide to Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, UK. This resource was last updated on 04/01/2015.

Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park times; Sundays from approximately 11:00 until 19:00.

Speakers’ Corner is in the north eastern boundary of Hyde Park in London. It is in an open-air zone in which free speech, debate and discussion are partaken in. Although there are other Speakers’ Corners elsewhere in the UK and the word, Hyde Park contains by far the most historic and famous. One can read more at the Wikipedia entry.

If you take issue with any part of this website please leave a comment or email me. I will endeavour to be as fair as possible in the information posted here and all personal opinions will be marked as such.

If you wish to add to an entry or have information about a Speaker that isn’t listed then please email me or comment. speakerscornerreference@gmail.com


A brief history of Speakers’ Corner from Speakers’ Corner Trust.

A BBC news article on the renovated Speakers’ Corner. 


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